Sustainable developer

We provide You with the design, engineering, production, delivery, and erection of sustainable houses helping the UK become a global leader in achieving carbon neutral goals.

Reduced time spent on site and being less weather effected reduces the costs of onsite contractors. Using slimmer panels, on a similar footprint results in more floor space.  As an outcome, you will develop environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and low maintenance homes.

Our solution is used and tested in Scandinavia, numerous EU countries and the UK. We work with the architectural department of UCL and numerous architect companies across UK.

Flexible. We are open for joint ventures; adding value to your projects by supplying panels or other key components of our solutions; open to exploring finance solutions, should you require them.

Environmentally Conscious, Unique Structural Panel Systems

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Flimwell Park,  Hawkhurst Rd. Flimwell,
East Sussex TN5 7FJ

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    • 0 207 794 9494

    • 0 771 349 9282



    • Flimwell Park,  Hawkhurst Rd. Flimwell,  East Sussex TN5 7FJ

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